A contradiction

In a closed mailing list, someone sarcastically kidded me saying that I was a heavy user of the reverse beacon network:RBN. Really, I had often used the RBN to know if a band was open or not. Not rarely, we experience the band opens well even though we won't get any takers to our CQ. Yes, it is the subject I have repeatedly talked in this blog. The overall inactivity on CW on any band seems to me very conspicuous nowadays. I am using the RBN reluctantly for there is no other way for me to know of opening on a particular band. I am not willing to use the RBN. That cynic won't understand what a contradiction I feel myself using that high tech skimmer.

Fewer takers to my CQ has annoyed me for a while. Has my operating style or talk bored my friends? Or all of them have lost interests in chatting generally? Is the relatively poor condition the reason why they won't show up? Maybe, all of these guesses are partially right. There may be personal reasons for everyone. Anyway, it is beyond my speculation and is not my business.

One more guess is that some of them won't watch the bands any longer but they just watch the RBN on the display. When they knew the band was not in the shape they wished, they may start something else like net surfing or doing chores etc. The RBN is a convenient tool, I know. It is more efficient and sparing out time than our watching the band by ourselves. But, I guess, its convenience and efficiency might have deprived us of the pleasure finding a friend by chance. The skimmer could watch the whole band at any given time. No happenings nor accidents.  Seeing a friend after sweeping a band makes us feel more pleasant, doesn't it?

I still hate this high tech thing even more now. But I could not know if a band is open or not without it. What a contradiction! I should not have set a PC in the shack, as Pete K4EWG has told me. Being a Luddite may be the solution to this question. 


  1. Shin

    Wendy was 35 year photojournalist specializing in wedding black and white photography. Now, everyone has multi-megapixel cell phone, you cannot find B&W film, every computer has Photoshop and everyone is a professional. That is why she is a real estate agent.

    You cannot stop new technology, you can only choose on whether to use it or not. In your case, you choose to use RBN for checking band conditions, but do not choose to use RBN for finding stations. That is OK and is not hypocritical. I would not even kid you about it. Others may use RBN only to find stations or countries they are seeking, not having interest in band openings. It is not wrong, it is their choice on how to use the technology.

    Ham radio is a wonderful hobby as it allows each person to pursue it in any degree and in any manner they so choose. Otherwise, people would chastise me for using a bug, when you can send better CW with a keyer (or better yet, a keyboard).

    I had to look up Luddite, by the way.


    1. Don,

      Thanks for the considerate comment. I almost agree with you. But the feeling of contradiction or hypocrisy in it is still annoying me a bit.

      I often find myself reading the bio of a particular guy I am working with in the QRZ.com page rather than reading what he says on code. It sometimes make me absent minded. What a nonsense!

      Maybe, how to use the high tech should be the point.


      PS: Someone in the southern US used to tell me of the fried green tomatoes. I have never tried that yet. I still imagine it is not so good yet!

    2. I am not sure how to convey taste of fried green tomatoes, but you mostly taste the fried batter...Maybe similar to fried zucchini in some respects.

      QRZ.com is another example of technology. A phone book of information about stations. Very nice to see things about people, to precipitate questions and conversation. You do not need to look at QRZ.com for 599 TU, just good conversation contact. Unfortunately, I tend to look afterward of QSO, instead of during. Then, I can make notes in my log. A backward system, but it works for me. I should look before..."Hi Shin QRX while I read your QRZ.COM page." That would work, don't you think.


    3. Shin

      Don't worry I can bore you everynight with Froberger, Couperin, Sweelinck etc. Here is a start:


    4. John,

      Froberger sounds new to me. Is he the guy famous for the temperament? The chords sound quite fascinating as well. There is something common with the modern music. I know only the name of Sweelink but not his works yet. I should learn and listen more of those composers before discussing anything with you!