Our recent garden

A few snaps of our garden. The heat wave has damaged the lawn along the drive way. Honestly speaking, the other parts of the garden has kept me too busy to care for this pretty large lawn. It has made the trouble shown here. There is a small farm in the foreground not shown on this photo. A number of water melons were grown up. But, without much care, they have become like a jungle! Luckily, that jungle has yielded a few juicy water melons. Now another kind of vegetable is growing neatly this time.   
A hedge along the drive way from the street. This requires me some more care as well. Some ivy is on it. Four ginko trees are growing along this hedge as well. The other hedge is set along the street. It is composed of two layers of a kind of azalae with a small lot between them and the street.
One of the flower beds we have made this spring. This belongs to my wife as for its care. Some of them are getting worn out with the sun ray.
My lovely basil germinated from a seed.  I was going to use the leaves for cooking.
A rose tree. It belongs to my wife. But I often pour water in the morning. It was first planted by my father years ago.
My wife has planted these. The names unknown to me! Again, I often water them.
A magnolia tree. The branches were cut in a bizzare shape by professional gardeners this spring. But it has revived in this way. The power of a life amazes me a lot. This tree comes into numerous white flowers in spring, which my mother used to love. It is a sign of spring's arrival.
A "wild" tomato. Maybe, it has been germinated from a fruit fallen on the ground last year.
A zelkova tree south of the small home our parents had lived. It was planted to avoid the strong sunray. It used to be a small tree and has grown up to over 10 meters or so. I have ventilated the home yesterday. Even though I know no one would live there.  

So that is a small round trip in our garden. A little bit more east and south of our house. Some parts are getting too messy to take photos. Maybe, in several weeks, I will clear jungle-like vegetables and tidy it up. Then I could publish it! This is the place where I am spending most of my days here. It makes me feel settled down and cosy so much.

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