On the day of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima

It is the day today when the citizens of Hiroshima have suffered from an attack of atomic bomb 68 years ago. There are still many people praying for those killed there in Japan. A television news reported a doctor who had had his parents radiated in Hiroshima coming home immdeiately after that bombing. Some of those having had that problem kept thier mouth closed for disclosure of being an atomic bomb victim could mean prejudice and discrimination by the other. It is around the accident of Fukushima nuclear power plant when he decided to publish that he was a descendent of atomic bomb victim. The doctor has encouraged, in the news, a patient evacuated from Fukushima at his outpatient clinic. We should never forget those suffering from long lasting disaster. We should go on protesting any use of nuclear weapon as well as nuclear power use for any purposes.

We will have the day when our country was defeated in the WWII very soon. Recently, I have learned from a book that the Japanese people had suffered from enormous damage and sufferings in the last 1.5 years in WWII because of draft system. The emotion that we have been the sufferer from the war was so intense that any thorough discussion about the responsibility for the war had never been made among them. It is an indirect cause of the friction with the neighbor countries at present. A faction of the politicians is aiming at the revival of the ancient emperor system with changing the constitution. We should view and reflect what has caused the war again apart from escaping from the reality as sufferers. We were the invaders to the neighbor countries as well as the sufferes by the war. It is a way to respond to those killed by the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I am sure their wish was to investigate what has caused the war and not to repeat it any longer.

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