Seeing one of my old friends' daughter and granddaughter

Two days ago, I have met Bob W6CYX's daughter Teresa and his granddaughter Laura here. They have traveled Tokyo, Kyoto and Hakone. In the last of their trip, they came here answering to my invitation. Bob has been one of the oldest friends in ham radio, whom I first worked in 1960s and since 1980s we have piled the QSOs up to 1249. I have visited Bob and his family at the foot of a mountain on the east side of San Jose. It has a stunning view overlooking the whole bay area. Bob has treated me with great hospitality whenever I was there. When I found those ladies at a station near by, I felt having seen someone very close to me.

We have been to Nikko and Chuzenji lake in the mountain area. The weather was unfortunately overcast and sometimes drizzly. It has made those resorts very empty of the tourists. In addition, at Chuzenji lake, we have had some sun ray breaking through thick clouds.

Laura, a student of SJSU majoring in mechanical engineering, was a quiet lovely girl who loves musicals and singing. Teresa was a lady working for a medical device company confident in her profession, raising kids and her life itself. An active and intelligent lady. She seemed to enjoy her life in the Northern California. We have talked a lot about politics, emergency medicine, bureaucracy and so forth. She is a great discusser as her father is. In her view, politicians are not believable at all even though she still believes in the free trade without the regulation by the authority. When I named it as positive anarchism, she was smiling at me. Through her profession, she seemed to know much about cardiac emergency. It was a real fun and stimulus to me to talk about those things with her, even though I have already totally retired from clinical work.

In Nikko, we have enjoyed dishes made of bean curd named Yuba. It must be new to them. They seemed to enjoy this pretty rare full course of Yuba. In the Chuzenji lake, after walking ant taking photos at the shore of the lake, we have had coffee and cake at a restaurant which belongs to the oldest hotel in the area named Kanaya Hotel. Back to the plain area, in the biggest town in this area named Utsunomiya, we have had my wife there coming from her office. My wife used to visit Bob 4 years ago and was looking forward to seeing them this time. Since she has not used English for years, she could not communicate much with them in that tongue. But she still had fun seeing them.

It seems they have had a trouble with the flight which was supposed to take them back home today. I hope the substitute flight will bring them there tomorrow. Thanks for visiting here, Teresa and Laura. Next time, I will invite you here at our home and serve my hand made dishes. Good luck with the study, Laura. Keep up your good work for the people suffering from serious heart illnesses, Teresa.


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  2. Hi Shin
    You are getting a lot of visitors these days! My trip to Atsu's QTH was excellent as well. I have written a short piece with some photos for the Autumn Focus.
    I heard you on 40m yesterday but conditions were noisy. See you on the air soon.
    Take care.

    1. John,

      You have got home safely, haven't you? I have heard of your visit to his home. I hope everyone has enjoyed this trip. See you again soon.