Midsummer is right on the corner

It has been fine and hot all day today. Pulling weeds in the garden, I heard breeze gently quivering the leaves of the magnolia tree. Rustling sound made me feel nostalgic. It was one of the oldest memories in my life. In the sanatorium I was born at, there were high pine trees all around. They sounded quite the same way at that time. I was taking nap close to a window.

Though the forecast won't announce that, it seemed as if the rainy season had been over now. It was boiling hot. Weeding for several minutes, I got sweat streaming. Tomatoes are getting ripe and cropped every day.

A big pumpkin is also growing in the bush. A water melon has been harvested. It was already on the table last night.

Midsummer is right on the corner. It will be the season of sizzling hot weather very soon.



  1. A great gardener in addition to many other talents!

    1. Thanks, Ellen. It is always a joy for me to care for the garden.