Right wing cult and impoverished people

The House of Councillors election has resulted in the big win of the ruling parties. The main party among this parties is LDPJ, Liberal Democratic Party in Japan.

They have intentionally avoided discussing about constitutional change in the election campaign. As soon as they have won in the election, the Prime Minister Abe announced that they would put it on the agenda.

Abe, the grandson of the former Prime Minister as well as of one of the war criminals, Shinsuke Kishi, is well known to have craved for recovery of the prewar regime of the Emperor system under Shinto. It is a regime of the unity of religion and state. It is the denial of the modern democracy as well as the regime of San Francisco Treaty after WWII.

The background of this ultra right ideology is told to be in an organization named Nippon Kaigi. Here is a simple explanation of this organization. It is based on Shinto and the other cults. This organization has been reporeted by the oversea media for years but scarcely by our media.

The fascism looms in an outlook of reformer with redundant investment and quantitative easing which give them transient euphoria. The fascists won't forget emphasizing the military threats from the neighbor countries. It will excuse the expansion of the armaments and the deployment of the military to overseas. The impoverished people would welcome this change to fascism as patriotic fanaticism. They could be equal in the fanatic patriotism, whether rich or poor, accomplished or not. If the patriotism is colored with fanatic cult worshiping the emperor as a living god, the system is perfect.  

There are two major problems. The ghost of the prewar regime and the general impoverishment in the people. These are related with each other and seem to lead our country to fascism.

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