An unforgettable concert

I have uploaded a post about this music here. It is one of the most favorite musics for me.

This concert was held in Tokyo in 2007 as the farewell concert of Karl Leister, a German clarinet player. I have seen this program on TV at my room of office in 2008. 

They have played this piece with extraordinary passion. Their ardor seems to go climax at the last movement. I have mentioned this movement as one of the best variations Brahms composed. It is as if flaring up in the end of life. The keynote is still resignation to life. The beginning theme in the 1st movement is recalled in imperfect form in the end. The music ends with dark accord of the tonality.

The players stayed immobile for several seconds until the audience started eagerly clapping their hands. We feel it were much longer. In the silence, we would recall of the music played as well as of our lives in the past. Leister might recollect his pleasant trips to Japan in the past. He seems to have hie eyes filled with tears. Their performance has had that persuasive power to themselves as well as to the audience. The violist tenderly tapped him on his shoulder. 

I have never seen such a moving performance of this piece, not only this one but all of chamber musics. I am happy to share this experience with all the performers and audience in this concert.  

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