Massacre of handicapped people

Yesterday, 19 severely handicapped were killed and 26 were injured at a care facility for handicapped by a guy who used to work for them over there.

It is a real cruel event. An abyss of absurdity seems to open before us. It is hard for us to explain or understand why such an event has occurred at once. It is not right for anyone to try to explain or strain the reason why he has done such a thing without elucidating the problem by professionals like psychiatrists or criminologists. I would just wait for what they will unveil what made this guy execute such a cruel crime. Though I should shut up my mouth here, however, I would add a bit more that seems important to me.

The criminal seems to be a psychopath or a psychiatric patient. He declared that he would kill the handicapped people when he worked at that facility. So he was sent to a hospital by compulsory admission in this February. He turned out to take marijuana as well. In a couple of weeks, the doctor in charge has judged he could discharge. And then he has committed this horrible crime as he predicted. This might mean current compulsory admission system, which deprives the patient of his human right, has its limit in avoiding such a crime. When the person hospitalized with this system is a psychopath, it might be quite difficult to prevent from such a crime. we should not "hold out" those involved in this compulsory admission/discharge even if it is necessary to investigate how and why the guy has gone out of the hospital.

I suspect the guy has reached this idea while working in the care facility. There could be a hard working condition for him, which might make him reach such a cruel idea. But his circumstance won't excuse his conduct at all. His history of life in the past as well as his personality might be more responsible for that.

The massacre of handicapped, which he has declared at the facility and in a mail to the House of Representative chairman, is reminiscent of Nazism. In that mail to the chairman, he said he would kill 470 of handicapped for Japan as well as the world. It is an insane idea. It is also tinted with the idea of Nazism. A news says he has been following the famous ultra right wing politicians/those in the mass media in Twitter. It should be revealed if the thought of the ultra right wing has influenced on him or not.

We should still be silent before such a depth of crime until the cause/reason is elucidated. 


  1. Except nazis were not right wing. They were members of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Key word is socialist.

    1. I expected such a comment hi. Nazis is not a real socialism but a extreme nationalism based on ethnocentrism. The present ultra right wing has something common with Nazism. They emphasize bizarre nationalism discriminating the minorities in the society. Nazis has killed over 70000 of handicapped children in early '30s, which was followed by the hollocaust in later years. This offender is reported to have told before making this massacre that he had been captured by Nazism.

  2. Shin
    So sorry to hear about this news. That place was not far from Hachioji. As we grow older we read of more such madness. Has it always been happening, or is it just that the internet communicates the news faster? Or is the unreal world of the web partly to blame when dangerous insanity is easily spread? The antidote to madness is to be kind to everyone we meet in our day. In this way we can raise the collective consciousness of the people everywhere, in tiny increments to be sure, but it will add up eventually. My condolences to the families and also to the perpetrator, who is sadly deluded. May he see sense and find redemption.

    1. John,

      I guess such an event has never happened in the past. So many victims. Only a murderer. Apparently, he is a psychopath but is stimulated by the ultra right wing ideology. They are discussing to prevent such an event with improving the compulsory admission system. I don't think it will work out in such a case. Psychiatric approach could do very little with psychopaths. This compulsory admission system also could violate the human right of the suspects.

      I am interested in the relationship of this case with the ultra right wing. It could be related with the discrimination of minorities by the extreme nationalists. Actually, in the internet, some ultra right wings are supportive or at least understanding this criminal. They insist, if not in definite expression, those severely handicapped are not worth living.

      I hope this case is only a rare criminal by a psychopath. But it could be an expression of extremists' eugenic ideology. I think we should investigate on this ideology of discrimination.


      PS;I have met Bob DU7ET on 40m this morning. Still a fine operator.