Aso's ridicule

The Minister of Finance Aso used to tell in a press interview that they should learn how Nazis had taken the teeth out of Weimar Constitution. When it became a problem in the mass media, he explained that his intention had been not to have our constitution done in that way. Even if his excuse was true, it was a terrible example to preserve our constitution.

In the last national election, the ruling parties have occupied more seats in the Diet than that necessary to initiate the referendum for constitutional change or addition. Even though they have not discussed on this issue in the election campaign or rather avoided discussing on it, they immediately started discussing about addition of the article of the national emergency right or the rights of necessity in the constitution.

Our present constitution already has a system to deal with the emergency situation such as serious natural disasters. The rights of necessity has been intentionally excluded from the constitution based on the reflection that the prewar and wartime governments had abused that rights.

The rights of necessity the ruling parties, exactly speaking, the Prime Minister Abe proposes have the whole administrative function of the nation belong to the Prime Minister. It assumes the limitation of the fundamental human rights. If the rights of necessity is executed with the military power, it would be the martial law itself. It is highly suspected that the rights of necessity would bring about dictatorship in our country.      

If the referendum is done in our country with the mass media on the side of the government, I am pretty sure the addition of the rights of necessity would be passed. It won't be a reform of constitution but scrapping of the present constitution.

Aso's ridicule is becoming true in our country,

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