It always happens with aging

This morning, the sky was crystalline blue and I decided to work in the garden again. I needed the sun glass, which was always on a shoe shelf in the entrance room. No, I could not find it there. Wearing this worn out straw hat, I have looked for that for a while. Nothing.

Giving it up, I went back into the house. The sun glass suddenly popped into my sight. Yes, it has been on that old hat while I wore it looking for the glasses.

It always happens to old people. I am convinced to have become an old man now. Yes, I knew of that as a knowledge. But such an experience forces me to learn and accept that as a real fact.


  1. It happens to us all my friend! Vivian went looking for her phone while holding it in her hand :-)
    Bill, W6QR

    1. I could picture her looking for her phone with it on her hand.

      A few days ago, I went for shopping at a supermarket without wallet.

      Aging is creeping into us!! Let's resist it with fine movements of fist by CW.

  2. Fortunately, radio and key are glued to table.

    1. You are not aged because you could invent to glue them to the table.