The area around the destroyed nuclear power plant

Posting about the report from Soma city in Fukushima in the Facebook, I was asked by Dan K2YWE if Soma city is representing the area at present. I have investigated about it. The answer is definitely "No".

The destroyed nuclear power plant has made massive contamination expecially northeast-ward. The area around the nuclear power plant is divided into 3 ranks due to the contamination level. The worstly contaminated area named "difficult to return" area had the annual cummulative radiation dose more than 50mSv and was expected to have more than 20mSv in 5 years. According to the standard by IAEA regarding the contamination level, that area is not appropriate for living or even transient visiting of people.

So far as searched, there are 3 towns whose entire land could be categorized as the "difficult to return" area. In addition to them, the most area of a town spreading northeast-ward from the nuclear plant also belongs to this category. About 25000 people won't be able to return home in those areas. It is literally "forever" that they will lose their homes and communities. Adjascent to those towns, there are areas not suitable for living as well, especially for children. Much more people will lose their homeland forever, I am afraid.

These 3 towns in "difficult to return" area face to the Pacific Ocean and suffered much from the tsunami, which caused numbers of victims there.
If there had been no nuclear power plant accident, some of the victims could have been saved.  

There are still 120000 people evacuated from Fukushima. Some of them have given up returning to homeland. They will have lost their folks, communities, jobs and homeland as well.

The "difficult to return" area looks to be purchased by the government and used for the "intermediate" storage of the radio-contaminated materials. The radioactive materials is so massive, that the storage facilites should occupy most of the land in those towns. The storage facilities won't be possibly intermediate but eternal since they could not have any perspective for the eternal storage places in the other area. This means the people of the area would lose their homeland forever. This solution might be inevitable but we should remember there are much bitter tears shed.

We should learn any serious nuclear power plant accident, once it happens, will leave such a tragidic sequel.

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