In a morning

I came in the shack pretty late this morning. At 01Z, 15m was already dead. On 20m, nothing was heard on CW portion of the band. On 14195KHz, there was the beacon from W7, that is, W2NQ/W7, calling CQ checking the propagation for DX as he announced as usual. Someone was kidding him running the recorded material of his CQ on the same freq. He has NEVER QUIT as he phonetically announces his suffic.

Assured of the path open at least to the West Coast, I called CQ which was answered by N2NA in Maine. He was pretty loud here. No one else than him was heard. We have had a nice chat for half an hour until he was called by his wife. As a matter of fact, the overall activity is ... the rest is omitted since I have already spoke of the same thing many times.

On 40m, JAs are exchanging peculiar numbers as if it were their job. The numbers are of course for various awards. It seems the kinds of the numbers are proliferating. Many hams must have finished the awards already published, so that they might need something new. How many awards would they go on establishing? No, it is not my business.

We might be going through an era when ham radio is losing its fundamental power and activity. One of the origin for ham radio activity was a yearning to know someone far away through the radio. It is being forgotten.


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  2. W2NQ is a asshole and no one likes him and he is bad for Ham radio.
    He is a old man that is crazy and always nuts.