The curtain is getting raised

Two hours before sunset, 40m opens to NA pretty well. Very quiet. Less jamming than later hours. Even with a barefoot and simple antenna, signals from NA, mainly the West Coast and the Mid West, come through here as if they were greeting before going to bed. Even with marginal strengthe and deep fading, they are gradually coming up.

I have had a nice chat with Pete AB0WW in Livermore CA. He told me I had been his very 1st JA in our 1st QSO 6 years ago. What an honor! I used to visit K6TS in Livermore in '80s. Pete did not know him since he had moved there from MN only 6 years ago. Livermore was a lovely town where those commuting to SF lived in.

Pete has retired from cardiac pace maker business last year after working in that business for 40 years. Pete has remembered of my profession and told his elder daughter is serving residency in pediatrics in the East Coast. I agreed with him telling me it was not easy to serve residency for her. His 2nd one is a college student holding a Technician ticket. Pete must be very proud of them.

Signals are getting louder as sun is setting here. Dramas are starting from now on the band. The curtain is getting raised now. What stories are waiting for me? We could experience the other people's lives far away from here. I could not help feeling thrilled to listen to them talking on their lives. It is the condition on my beloved band I have enjoyed most since '60s.

Now fully satisfied, starting preparing supper haha.

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