Fight against terrorism

As mass media have reported, the two japanese hostages were killed by ISIS recently. Prime Minister Abe announces never to forgive them. The government will legislate to dispatch a rescue party of JSDF to foreign countries in such a case.

I am quite doubtful about such a decision.

Firstly, we should consider why and/or how this event has happened. P.M. Abe has announced to contribute funds to the countries in the Middle East as follows;

We are also going to support Turkey and Lebanon. All that, we shall do to help curb the threat ISIL poses. I will pledge assistance of a total of about 200 million U.S. dollars for those countries contending with ISIL, to help build their human capacities, infrastructure, and so on.
This announcement could easily give ISIS an excuse to require ransom or other things. It should be blamed as an indiscreet announcement. There must be someone insisting that ISIS has utilized this statement only for an excuse but they would do the same thing at the other occasion. The government has, however, made another mistake.  They have known of this hostage issue for a few months and have had chances to negotiate with ISIS in secret. But they have never done anything for the hostages.

The head of ISIS is actually composed of the remnant of Barth Party in the regime of Hussein in Iraq. It is a cruel cult pretending to be Muslim. But it is not only a radicalists but a kind of establishment approved by some of the people in the area, if not all. The problem has multifacets of religion, race and the economical problem in the area. It won't be dealt with the logic of national security with armaments. The complicated issue should be patiently solved by non armamanet way. Only NGO or UN could do that. The western countries should be aware of that their aid to Hussein and  the export of arms to Iraq in its old regime has caused ISIS. Moreover, the artificial boundary formation of Iraq by the western countries is responsible fot the conflicts going on in the Middle East. Our government has approved the Iraq war, which has later turned out not to have any reason. The western countries, including Japan, are responsible for the mess and conflict in the Middle East.   

How could the problem be solved? I could not show the solution in detail since I know only an aspect of the problem. But, as I wrote above, armaments won't obviously give the solution. The basic approach should be approaches in peaceful way. This should be the principle. It is the only manuver for the fight against terrorism. We should disentangle the problem with humanitarian methods. It would never be sending JSDF to the Middle East. I highly suspect Abe is intending to find a pretext to dispatch troops to foreign countries. It would endanger not only the situation in the Middle East but also the people in Japan.

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