Another pleasant QSO with Moz VK3CWB

Around midnight yesterday, 20m was open to the whole north hemisphere at the same time. In the background of the white noise, showed up the fluttery and steady signals from both Eu and NA. It has been the earliest sign of arriving spring. A pleasant event for ham operators. It has not lasted too long, though. I hooked with Wes AC5K for a while.

The bands will, however, stay dead for a while until the spring is stably with us. The path to NA on 15m in our morning hours won't last too long any longer. On that band, already dead for NA, this morning, I heard a weak signal calling CQ. It was Moz VK3CWB. When both of us turned beam to each way, it was easy a 599 QSO.

Several years ago, Moz has given me a mail and let me know of VK3IM. That memory of him has made me call him this morning. He told me he had known Tim for over 30 years, who has been a mentor for  him on radio. That was why Moz has been concerned about him. He already knew Tim had come back on the air. Moz told me to give Tim a phone call very soon.

Moz was a good friend of Rod K5BGB as well. Rod used to sponsor me for FOC in '80s and also to recommend me for A1OP a few years ago. In this New Year season, Don W4ZYT has given me a mail letting me know of his full retirement from urologist profession as well as passing away of our mutual friend Jim W4PRO. Don has mentioned my sponsoring him for FOC years ago, which I have almost forgotten. I was pleased to hear him still remembering of that fact. I still remember of Rod as one of the several sponsors, of whom only two are alive for now. 

Rod has increased his power to 100W with an amplifier added to his K2. When I was gong to call Tim on 40m in the end of last year, Tim was just finishing a QSO with Rod, whose signal was unexpectedly good. Rod's signal always has been pretty weak and rarely copiable for years since he downsized his set up. Starting calling Tim at that time, I might have instantly judged Rod was less rare than Tim on the air. I am pretty sure I would catch Rod somewhere in the near future.

Back to Moz's story. Moz has talked with Rod twice or three times in a month in regular basis. After his regular sked with W5RH, Rod often calls Moz. When I asked Moz if he had "upgraded" his set up, Moz told me it was not upgrading for Rod. As a real QRP lover, he has operated with 40W or so. QRO might has meant a corruption for Rod. Moz has begged Rod to run a bit more power for easier ragchewing. Anyway, I have told Moz how we had known each other and how much I had owed him. I asked Moz to pass my best regards to this old friend of mine.

Telling here this lengthy story of my old friends, Besides the fact the world of CW is small, I just wanted to emphasize such a QSO with Moz was most desirable to me, even though it is rarely given to me. I convinced myself that it would be of no use nor meaning to waste time making so called rubber stamps for now. The Proverb "Ars longa, Vita brevis" is still true in this case. It won't deserve spending long time for radio without such a nice chat.


  1. HI Shin,

    I was just going through some old log books and came across a QSO with you during the All Asian contest in August 1987. You were only 38 years old!! I had worked 9N1MM shortly before you and I had our QSO. Anyway, I decided to come back to your blog and catch up on your postings. They are all an interesting read and I enjoy hearing what you are doing and thinking. I used to work Rod K5BGB often. He was such a great CW operator - I have not heard him in years, but I guess that is not surprising since I was gone for so long. By the way, just as an aside, the PAC3s are pretty good, but I don't disagree with your concern.

    The last time we were able to talk, you said you could see my house on Google Maps - my antenna is in the tree next to the pond (there is a circular concrete ring around it). I hear you fairly regularly, but don't call unless I think my signal will be readable - the downside of low power and a 17' wire vertical.

    Have a nice day & 73,


    1. Gus,

      Welcome to my blog. Yes, I still remember of our frequent QSOs those days. You were 9V1ZE, DU3/K4SXT and later A92ZE. We have had good ragchews then. You were using FT902DM if I remember it right. You complained that you could not spend much money for ham radio since your kids require much for their education. It was not a reality to me at that time. Bur for the past years, I have bitterly learned of that with our kids. Anyway, very pleasant QSOs.

      I happened to hear Rod signing off with VK3IM in last Dec as written in this post. We might expect to hear him oftener. He is a real great CW operator as you say.

      Give me a call any time even if the condition sounds marginal. I will keep my ears wide open to you. Let me know of PAC3 more. Our government will renew them paying trillions of JPY. I suspect it might not be worthy spending that amount of money while they are cutting budget for social security. Oh, let's do this kind of discussion on the air. I am looking forward hearing you again.