Our government has known the hostage issue in the Middle East since last fall.

Kouji Tsuneoka, an Islam and a journalist, has given press conference at the Foreign Correspondents' Club in Japan.

He has been invited to the Islamic court of ISIS for the case of two japanese hostages by them in last Oct. At this time, ISIS has told him that they would judge the case according to the Islamic law and won't require ransom nor kill the hostages. However, the Public Security Bureau of the Police has investigated him regarding the case of a university student who had been told to express his desire to go to Syria in order to join the battle of ISIS. That case was unlikely to be a serious case. On the investigation, the police has seized Tsuneoka's PC and so forth. It has made him unable to get in touch with the head of ISIS.

Since Prime Minister Abe addressed on financial aid to the countries in the Middle East in his recent visit there, which could be taken as an expression of hostility toward ISIS, ISIS has menaced for ransome, in case of no payment of that, murduring both hostages. This has been reported by mass media and has become a serious issue here. The government has finally established the countermeasures headquarters. The time limit was only 3 days, which has already passed now.

This means that the government has known of the hostage problem at least since last Oct. They have disturbed a civilian to get in touch with ISIS. So far, the government or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not asked him to negotiate with ISIS.

Knowing of this situation, Prime Minister Abe might have made that address likelily taken as an attitude hostile to ISIS in his visit to the Middle East recently. I could not help suspecting he might utilize this situation to send JSDF troops to the Middle East according to the right of collective self defence. Or he is not eligible for a leader for foreign affairs. he proves himself to be a stupid politician.

Our mass media won't report this issue yet so far.

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