New Year's Eve

I have met a few old good friends of mine on the radio on New Year's Eve, that is, last night. One of them was Bob W6RGG in Castro Valley. We have met in person at W6DU in late '80s. We have talked about this respectable person. Bob stressed his kind personality. Listening his story, I have remebered he had taken me from the bay area to Santa Barbara in order to see Merle K6DC. I was going there by myself. Despite of his back problem, he kindly proposed to take me to S.B. Bob has had his tower down for repair now. He seemed not to be very active. When he puts up a repaired tower, he might be kicking himself again.

The other was Bill N4AR, who had just retired 5 weeks ago. He said he felt guilty to his patients for his retirement. I share the same feeling as his. But he also added he could not go on working eternally. He should be over 70 years old now. It is the time for him to go forward to retirement for now. He has had most of his antennas damaged by ice storm in the past. He was using a 2 element. He might come back with the big beams again soon. When I mentioned of a photo of the card, which Bob K8IA had uploaded in Facebook, he seemed to hear that. It was a card which the contesters had made signature on at a meeting in Dayton in early '70s. Bill has signed as N4AR ex K4GSU. Finishing his study at Johns Hopkins, he must have just started his career as a doctor those days.

It was the way I spent the New Year's Eve. A relaxing and enjoyable evening even though there was nothing exciting.  Yes, of course, I have had a good dinner with my wife and daughter.

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