Something the market could not deal with

I deeply agree with Prof. M.J. Sandel of Harvard. He says that the market has been dealing with education, medical serivices and so forth, which it should have never done with. How long will it take us to fully learn this? There are things we could not buy with money.

The market fundamentalism is dealing with anything. They believe it will increase the productivity and activate that field. Unfortunately, there are so many aspects of life which the market could not deal with. The market will get it more uneven and unfair. For example, sick or handicapped people could not strive in any competition. Forcing them to live in competition is itself unfair.

Capitalism has beated communism around 1980 to 1990. But at present, when the financial sysytems are acting up everywhere and there have become more gaps in living among the peoples or in a country, I believe, we should seek some regulated system to overcome this difficulty. After having worked in the medical services being invaded by the market fundamentalism and the bureaucracy for years, I strongly feel that.

The discussion for fairness in the field of philosophy by such as J. Rawles or Sandel etc has been made in the US, where the market fundamentalism has overwhelmed is really welcomed. I see something healthy in its movement in the US. We should be ready against the rage of the market fundamentalism.

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