One of the regular recipes at our home is this Kimpira. Radish and burdock root are cooked with sesame oil etc. The recipe is here. One of the most popular family dishes in Japan.
I will cook rice with chesternut this morning. The problem is how to get off the shell of chesternut. I am using a pressured saucepan. It eases to do that process. But not perfect yet. I am wondering how they peel chesternut for marron grace. The art of cooking is really deep.
Later on, I will join the piano trio. I am concerned about playing "Happy Birth Day to You" for a surprise to the violinist more than the trio itself. It has been a few months since I met those girls last time. It is another fun.


  1. I showed the recipe to my wife and she cooked it last night. We managed to find the burdock root in the local market, and all the other ingredients were in our kitchen. They are commonly used is Chinese cuisine. I don't think it worked out 100% but we will try again.

  2. It was flavourful and crunchy. I think the reason it was not perfect was because we used Chinese rice wine instead of sake. I will get a small bottle of sake today..

    Last night I was listening to you and Steve on 40m I was busy in the kitchen doing a few chores, so I put the rig on speaker and turned the volume up so I could hear you in the kitchen, which is a long way from the shack. My son said why don't we just talk to each other on skype instead of spending all that money on old-fashioned radio !

    1. Crunchy? I wonder if the vegetables were cooked enough? Chinese rice wine might give the other falvour and taste. Anyway, good luck to you for another try! Please try to find another recipe of Kimpira, which you could hit at various sites.

      I have been told the samething by my wife as your Joe told you. That may be the right and ordinary reaction to ham radio by non hams. Skype might replace the old radio for now.

      How long will you stay ashore? Have much fun in the rest of vacation.

  3. In Chinese cuisine we only stir fry for a minute or two so the vegetables are nearly raw, and we don't boil off the liquid. That's why it was so crunchy. I think we need to stir fry a bit longer or maybe soak for while longer before cooking. Will try again.

    Heard you and Steve on again last night.

    Am leaving Tuesday morning for 6 weeks. Will try to work you again before that.

    1. John,

      So it was a salad. We need to pan-fry the thinely cut vegetables for several minutes until they become softened. The colors are also a little bit changed.

      You are becoming a habitant on Mermaid again. I will miss you. See you at least once until you go. Take care.