Comparison of CW with phone

It has become more like fall now. The sun is not burnig bright but more tender to us. In the shades, a cool breeze blows. It is not so far from the season of harvest here. In such an afternoon, listening to h moll overture of J.S.Bach, I would consider a bit more about CW conversation or conversational CW as John WA9AQN indicated.

CW conversation is sometimes compared with conversation on phone. CW is too slow. It is only for a ham with humble set up. Such art as CW requiring us much time and energy to train ourselves will fade away soon. Phone will replace it then since the latter is more handy and easy to communicate with. Some tells those who could not put up with the sluggishness in CW would go to phone. It might mean CW operators are a little bit more stupid than phoners.

It is quite ridiculous, I know, to compare those modes. They are quite different in nature. Either is better than the other. But the comparison may reveal how fascinating CW is. CW is actually too slow as a communication tool. However, in reception process, there are multiple tasks going on in our brain at the same time. Modern brain physiology tells our consciousness is not a single place located at a particular center in the brain but something like an overlapped filters in the brain, that is, a kind of network system which works together. In that system, we copy each letter and try to reach a word/a sentence. In that process, we also expect the next letter/word/sentence to come making use of the content already received. Of course, in this process, we recall our knowledges and experiences we obtain in our lives in the past. All is to understand the message itself. It is quite important and unique in this mode that the process coincides the rate of our thinking. It is comparable to reading in this respect as well. This synchrony between the reception process and the thinking gives us a kind of intellectual pleasure. I believe it is the point we are fascinated with this mode so much.

From the standpoint of CW lover, phone is too redundant and too talkative and too gossipy and....oh, it is not the purpose to compare them in this way. The music is now Musikalisches Opfer being played. This philosophical nature of the music might lead me to meditation.

CW is forever.

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