A thyroid cancer case was found but...

The authority in Fukushima conducted the study of thyroid gland abnormality in the children over there announced they had found one case of thyroid cancer out of eighty thousand of cases examined. We should carefully watch what follows to this. It may be not related with the radiation of I131 or could be the beginning of inferno.

I am deeply sad to see those innocent children being exposed to the risk of the radiatiion related illnesses due to the nuclear power plant accident. But I am not for the opinion to have them evacuated from the area without the conditions provided for them to do so. I131 has already decayed. It has caused the possible radiation in the first week or two after the accident. Evacuation is meaningless as for the radiation from I131 for now.

They still have their lives with families over there. Maybe they have the other reasons to stay there. It is not advisible only to propagandize them to evacuate somewhere else without any actual back up for their lives. They and their families are worried enough about the situation.

Any thoughtless agitating view for their situation won't be of help to them at all. It will only add more anxiety and worry to them. We should be based on the scientific point of view and strongly blame those who carried out as well as are trying to carry out the present nuclear power plants system. Spurring the victims with incorrect thoughts may only make them worried more. It is of no use.

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