Music bonds us deeply

In the practise of the piano trio this afternoon, as planned with the pianist, I and the pianist have played the song for Happy Birth Day without letting the violinist ST know that. At the beginning of the 1st movement for the 2nd time, we did it. ST opened her eyes wide and, at first, puzzled at it as if she would say to us that the tone was different. Yes, Mendelssohn starts D with cello while we started C at that time. And as the tune went on for the wellknown melody of Happy Birth Day, ST became full of smile on her face and told us thank you so much. Nothing was better for the birth day present than this performance, as she said.

Playing together some music bonds ourselves in the most profound place. Music comes from the deepest portion of our hearts. That may be why. When we starts playing some piece together, we inspire the air together at the same time. It is not only a technique to synchronize our performance but also to share something from our lives together.

ST used to have lessons from the same teacher as my daughter did. She was so good at it that she has chosen music for her profession. She went for a music university in Tokyo and then has studied violin in Germany. I know how tough it was for her to go on studying in Germany. Since her university days, I asked her to play music together from time to time. We played quite some of chamber muics together. I am quite happy to enjoy ensemble with such a good and reliable player. She is a pretty and tender girl as well. Unfortunately, my daughter has lost interest in music. But ST has become my "2nd daughter". I always feel thankful for ST's kind and generous attitude to me. Until she gets married someone away from here, I would like to enjoy ensemble with this daughter.

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