A new farm

I have plown a corner of the yard yesterday. It was not so large in size as shown in this photo taken in the morning. Plowing the soil and taking away anything like roots of weeds or small stone etc. Even sifting the soil to get rid of those things. It was not an easy work for me. I was sure I had been doing a perfect work.
By chance, while doing the work there, I looked up in the sky. It was close to the noon. There was a big gingko tree making shades on the farm! The sun runs nearer to the horizon for now. That is why there become unespected shades there. I was much disappointed at that.
This morning, another idea lit in my mind. The leaves of the gingko tree will fall by the winter. Then, I won't need care for the shades any longer. I was encouraged by that idea and have started the work again. Strawberry, lettuce or cabbage etc were planted there. Let's keep fingers crossed for their successful growth in this farm this winter. It is not easy to be a yard farmer.



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