A milestone in my life

Having had so many books piled on the table and pushed into the spaces in the bookshelves, I decided to dispose some books on medicine. I have already discarded or stored those books elsewhere when I remodelled this room for radio as well as study years ago. Still little room for books mainly on social science and history.  When I retired from my profession, it was actually least possible for me to return to work as a pediatrician. But I still wanted to keep the books I had studied with for years.

This is a part of books to be disposed or to be stored elsewhere. Among them, there are two volumes of thick book titled as "Pediatric Xray Diagnosis by Caffey". When I started serving residency, I purchased them. It cost me about 500USD at that time, which was half of my monthly salary. I didn't care spending much money for books or magazines if they were necessary for study. This famous radiological textbook must be out of date for now. I won't use it any longer. However, I still could not dispose it. It will be asleep in the storage room from now. 

Now I am much more interested in the other subjects than medicine. I am sure books on the above mentioned subjects will take the place where these old books have taken for years. I know I could not memorize what those new books say. I still would like to know something new to me. It is challenging to me to learn where I am located in history/ideology. It might be a self-satisfaction but still worth doing that intellectual wandering trip until I could not do that.

This replacement of books is a milestone for a new journey in my life.

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