Something insane is going on

We live in the community we belong to. There is the life of the family, the relationship with the neighbors, the infrastructure we live on and the circumference we live in. It is the hometown for us. When we lose it, it means we lose the base of our livelihood. It is comparable to our death.

The census last year has revealed the population of four towns at and around the nuclear power plant destructed almost 5 years ago is zero. There used to be people of 55347 living there in 2010. These people and some others have had to take refuge somewhere since the accident in 2011. They are as good as forced to die due to that accident since they have lost their hometown.

The cause of the accident has not yet been elucidated. The melt down plants were not controlled yet. No prospect for control of the nuclear contamination yet. Without resolving these problems, how could they restart operation of the other nuclear power plants? The government has, however, started running a nuclear power plant in Kagoshima last year. They are going to run another near Kyoto. If another serious accident occurs there, the other plants, more than a dozen in the vicinity, would be uncontrollable. It should cause much worse contamination in Western Japan including Kyoto and Osaka. They will lose the water reserving lake of Biwako as well. It would destroy whole Western Japan. It means our country won't pull it through then.

Those deciding to run the other nuclear power plants are comfortably off in Tokyo, where they have enjoyed the power sent from the nuclear power plants in Fukushima for decades. Even while so many people should live as refugees elsewhere far from their hometown. Something insane is going on.

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