Tokyo, a big city based on virtual reality

I went to Tokyo yesterday. On the train, there were a lot of people, young or old, watching smartphones. They seemed absorbed in the virtual world through that tiny device. It is a strange, or rather weird scene. No verbal communication in reality or reading printed matters which deliver us something more realistic.

It is the place where I had spent young days until I graduated from the university. Everything has been changed. A lot of construction. Mostly for offices or for stores etc. I was almost lost in Shinjuku. There were less space for resting. No trees nor parks. They warn that a big earthquake will hit this mega city by the probability of 70% in 30 years. This probability means it will almost surely occur in the near future. How could the people escape from this crowded city and how could they live on afterward?

Everything looked like prosperous. However, I could not help feeling it was only virtual based on very fragile things.

Together with the massive crowds of people, it made me feel it was not the place for me to live in.


  1. Shin
    I'm pleased that your eyesight allows you to play more cello, and be more involved in ensembles.

    Your comment regarding the Virtual City could apply to many cities, not Just Tokyo. Here in Singapore people walk holding their smart phones ahead of them whilst they walk, bumping into each other without apology. It resembles a city of robots.
    The Internet was supposed to herald a new revolution in personal freedom. Instead it has enslaved us in an endless quest for entertainment, distraction, and escape from ourselves and reality.

    1. I totally agree with you. It is a kind of sociopathological phenomenon that they are dependent on the internet through smartphone. It seemed everyone was isolated in the crowd even though he/she was physically close. What society will such human relationship produce?

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  2. Hello Shin, this subject is so true across the world today. I see people sitting around a table eating a good meal, yet they are looking at their phones instead of enjoying each others company. I really like your Blog, please keep writing. I heard your signal on 40 meters Monday but could not contact you, I was driving (mobile). Thanks Shin and have a beautiful day.

    1. Otis,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. The prevalence of the smartphone among people is beyond our understanding. I am afraid it is an expression of their indulgence in the virtual world. No human relationship nor thorough consideration of the society or of the politics at all. What will it bring rise to?

      See you on the radio. I am reluctant to call CQ many times now. But i am still getting on in our morning and evening. Take care.