The 1st surgery for cataracts

I have undergone the surgery of cataracts on right eye yesterday. I have been diagnosed as that illness almost 5 years ago on the day of the big earth quake. I was wondering when I should have it done. I have visited 3 different ophthalmologists. I was not happy with the former two and the last one has told me I should go to the med school hospital near by. He seemed unwilling to do the surgery on me knowing that I was an MD. At a big hospital, I know, I would have to take many examinations, which I did not like so much. Finally, I have chosen a doctor about 40 minutes drive from here. A well equipped clinic and the doctor seemed frank to his patients.

My wife took a day off today and took me to the clinic at noon. During the operation, I was aware of what was going on. Local anesthesia was given. Small incision. Aspirating the degenerated lens. Good bye to my own lens my parents have given to me some 66 years ago. And installing the artificial lens. Abruptly the shape of the operation light was seen clearly in my sight. Antibiotics eye ointment given. And bandage. Only anesthesia eye drop was a bit irritating. Otherwise not much discomfort all the way. Even though the procedure took only 15 minutes or so, I had to stay at the clinic for a few more hours. Everything has gone well. I seemed to have been so tired and stressed that I fell asleep on the couch for a few hours. The bandage on the eye was come off due to sweating. It made me confirm the eye got better sight than before even though a bit far sighted.

I have been complaining to my wife of the way the doctor has done with me or of the system of the clinic. The complaints were not very rational, though. I should admit there is a fixed way they treat patients there. It seems to be a truth that an MD could hardly be a good patient.  Even though I have retired already, experiencing being a patient is not bad for a doctor.

My wife, who used to have the procedure a few years ago, told me what serious accidents could happen to it when we were having supper last night. It made me a bit mad for it could cause much fear for that to me. When I told that to her, she realized that and excused that I had looked so calm that she had thought she could tell all what she used to learn. Yes, she is nver w doctor for me but just a wife of mine  Anyway, she has been so helpful to me all the way. I could not be more thankful to her for her support.

I still need to attend the clinic almost everyday during this week and to take another surgery in a couple of weeks. Not a short course. But still hopeful for the result.

The world has become beautiful again.


  1. Congratulations! You did it! Keep us up to date on your progress.

    1. Thanks, Bob. I remembered of your episode on how you had come home after the surgery! The procedure was not a pain at all. But commuting to the clinic so often is a problem. Anyway, I will get it through and let you know how it goes on.

  2. Great news Shin, Speedy recovery
    Bill, W6QR

    1. Thanks, Bill. I am remembering of my parents when they undergo the same surgery. Time is flying away.

  3. Dear Shin San,

    Good to hear you are getting better from this surgery. I always wondered how a Medical Doctor would accept surgery and the care afterward. I was diagnosed with the same condition but so far it has not reached the stage where surgery is needed. I spent a couple of months living with a blind man back in the late 1950's and learned a lot about the subject of being able to see. So my eyesight is truly
    something i do not take for granted. But after surgery care is
    something I do not take for granted, my last stay in the hospital was almost two years ago, and the care I got at that time was excellent, even the food was palatable. But that was a Heart Hospital and I had a room to myself which has advantages and disadvantages! I will keep you in my prayers for recovery and your second surgery coming up soon.

    Bob Gates

    1. Bob,

      Thanks for the comment. I am getting better with the vision so far. I am still learning what being a patient is. The pleasure of being healthy is also appreciated.

      I remember you have had a number of illnesses several years ago, You are an experienced patient. You have well got through that period.

      How about starting ham radio? Whenever I see some small antenna in the internet, I wonder if it is suitable for you. I guess taking the cable into the house is now the issue. I hope you could do that very soon.

      Happy New Year to you and Lolita.