Brahms String Quintet Nr2

We are mortal. However, until the time of death coming on us, we are allowed to sing together. Our lives require to play and sing together. For the pleasure and the token of our existence. Listening to this fine ensemble, I was thinking of such a thing.

I love every performer in this piece. Especially, Frang and Wang. What a joy to listen to this music.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and time of joy with music, I would give you this clip here.


  1. Shin
    I was watching this on my smart TV last night, babysitting my grandson who is 18 months old. He was spellbound most of the time. Now whenever I put any concerts on the TV he points and says "Brahms".
    So even Ravel's Bolero is Brahms to him!
    Happy New Year

    1. Have you become a grandpa? Babysitting? I can't imagine that!! Enjoy being with such a rascal. Teach him "Brahms" is always friendly and intimate to us anytime in our lives. Tell him Bolero from Brahms! A HNY to you and your clan members.

  2. Yes Shin my daughter and son in law are visiting from UK, with my grandson Ethan. Now I am playing him Rimsky Korsakov's Scheherezade on You Tube/ smart TV. All the old favourites we started listening to when we were kids. He points at the screen and says "Brahms" again.
    You gave helped to transmit a love of music through the ether to a new generation.
    My daughter has been told by me that she should expose him to as much good music as possible.

    1. I am not a Christian but still believe this saying is right;

      "Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth."

      Creator could be replaced to good things Creator has created, I guess. Good music is such a thing. Ethan has had a wonderful grandpa. I hope he will spend his life immersed in good music. You are a good pilot for him. Ethan is a happy kid.