My father's glasses

Having finished the cataracts surgery on right eye 6 days ago, things are going on better for me. But the implanted lens is with fixed focus, so that it has become a bit difficult for me to see something far away and also close to me. In a month or two, when the vision is stabilized, I would fix a pair of glasses for myself. But, until then, I could not read books or printed matters, even though the display is OK. I am reading them with a magnifier. It won't be practical for reading books in relaxation.

I have remembered of my father's glasses which have been on the dining table since he passed away some 13 years ago. I don't know why but it has been placed there as if he would come to take dinner with us at night. In his last years of life, he had come to have dinner with us or, oftener, earlier in the evening before we come home. We have asked a kind lady to prepare dinner for us. He seemed to enjoy talking with her or reading something at the table until the dishes were ready. In the week ends, he, together with mother, sat at the table in the evening while my wife cooked something. 

I felt it was only a routine for our lives at that time. It was, however, a blessed precious moment for us, I know now.  Without having clearly thought this way, we might have felt, if we got that glass away from the place, we might lose that precious memory as well. It might be only a sentimentalism. But I could not explain why this glasses have been there for this long time.

The glasses are for farsightedness. Trying it for myself, I found it was just perfect for my eyes now. This will enable me to enjoy reading books now. Of course, as told in the beginning of this post, I should undergo the sight test later and fix another one accurately suitable for my sight. So far, this father's glass will be of much help to me. 

This glasses might tell me I have entered the last stage of my life. I feel as if I was asked how I would spend the limited time of my life.  

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