Two pieces of good news

Recently, I have had two major events for music life. One it that I was invited to an ensemble by a conductor. I used to play at a local orchestra under his instruction almost 10 years ago. Still having some trouble reading score with the eye problem, I decided to join it. My wife would join it as a flutist as well. It is still a small group. Hopefully, with the conductor's warm personality, there will be more members gathering soon.

The piece for practise is the orchestral suite Nr1 by Bach. Compared with his other works, it sounds simpler and less smotional as if it had been composed only for the court. In the tonality of C major, it sounds grand and dignified. Though it won't necessarily be an easy task for me to attend the practise once every week, it would be a joy to make ensemble with good friends as well as my wife this time.

The other good news was that a violinist friend, Ms. T., whom I had played the piano trio or the other chamber music for almost 15 years would get married this fall. When I started cello again just before age 50 years after a long hiatus, I wondered with whom I would play any ensemble. Our daughter, who was a pretty good violinist, was busy with her studies. I remebered of Ms. T who used to play very good violin at a concert in her high school days. I impudetly asked her to play together with me. Surprisingly, she agreed with me. Since then, we have played a number of chamber musics together. The 1st movements of piano quintets by Brahms and Franck. The whole piano trio Nr2 by Brahms. The 1st movement of piano trio by Mendelssohn and so forth. She has enriched my music life or literally the early old age in my life. I could not thank enough to her for her effort and kindness to me. In the meantime, she has completed a music university and has been to Germany for further study of violin performance. Finishing a music university there, she came back here to do musical activity in performance as well as teaching.

Last fall, I proposed her to put an end to our piano trio activity mainly due to my vision problem. I also thought I would need to practise more to do with such a professional musician as her. She kindly told me to restart any ensemble any time in the future. What a sweet girl!

Several days ago, she has given m an email to let me know she would be engaged with a guy very soon. She would get married with him in this fall. What a good news! I have been concerned with her marriage. I was even trying to find a candidate for her husband as well. It was a pleasant news to me like that of own family member. I was asked to attend the wedding party and to play cello. It would be more than a pleasure to do so. Some chamber music may be suitable for such an occasion. Music has the power to unite people. I should practise cello even more for now.


  1. I am pleased to hear of such events in your life. I was troubled by your decision to not participate in the piano trio earlier. For such a long time, you have closed your evenings on the radio with a need to practice your cello. Then, that was no longer a reason to QRT. I believe the Cello is an integral part of your inner being and I am happy that you have brought it back to it's rightful position of importance. The Onisawa house will again have the sound of music at midnight.

    1. Don,

      It's been a long time no QSO with you. Even without joining any ensemble, I have been practising it hard in the shack. Since it is becoming more and more difficult to find out a decent QSO, I am inclined to spend more time with cello. Our daughter told me she would join the ensemble as well so far as her work permits it. it will be the first experience for us to play in the same ensemble if it comes true. Ms. T might help us for that ensemble as well when she is settled down at her own new family.

      Take care. keep up your activity there.


  2. Shin

    Strange you should mention suite no.1
    An old friend of mine in UK is an amateur baroque bassoonist. Her ensemble is practicing the piece. The bassoon has a long solo part. She is losing sleep over it!
    In the ideal world you should get together.

    1. Haha, the bassoonist may have hard time in the ouverture depending on the tempo. I was told to play that part in the beginning. But, since a bassooninst has joined the ensemble, I don't need hustle for that solo.

      To my surprise, our daughter agreed to join the ensemble. Even though her hectic job won't let her go for the practise every Friday, I am still looking forward playing with her there. my wife may join it as a member who turn over the score for the flutist.

      When our daughter has started practising Bach's unaccompanied sonata, I can't remember what piece it was, I was shivering listening to the tune in the same room. It was when she was twelve years old.

      Say hi to your bassooninst friend and I wish her very good luck for the success in the perfomance.