Life is short. Therefore every moment should be appreciated.

German Iris is in full bloom in our garden.

 It was my mother's 4th anniversary yesterday. Our parent's home is still there. Their mattresses were sunbathed even though no one would sleep on them any longer.

 My wife has been to Shikoku to see her parents for a couple of days. She told me vividly last night that they had had Hamburg dinner with a glass of beer. Father in law aged 90 years, living in a nursing home with his wife in severe dementia, has started walking outside again recently. We have presented him a stick and a pair of walking shoes. 

Life is short. I would appreciate every moment we are allowed to be being.


  1. Hi Shin
    It seems that I noticed that in retirement I become more mindful of things around me. more of my inlaws are getting old and I am getting toward 67 in the next couple days . I am now more careful in opening my mouth after careful thinking about it before hand. a few of the inlaws are showing in bad health and it gives me bad feelings .
    I glad that I listened to the elders when I was younger and take care of my health.. my father is 97 and living in a care home and every time I visited him he told me of how when he was young he took sports to build up his body. his mind like my grandmother was also sharp as can be with dates and incidents . he remind me with each step when walking , always lift the foot oft the ground and never shuffle or else we may trip and fall. falling in old age usually broken hips and head injuries which can result in death.
    with old age we must not procrastinate and get things done.

    wayne ve7hcw/va7at

    1. Wayne,

      Happy Birthday to you. Many more happy returns to you as well. Getting old is a hard thing for us. Let's go forward expecting something good waiting for us in the future. i will turn to 66 years of age in17 days. I am honored to have been born in this beautiful season. I could not help remembering of my parents again.