Invitation to dinner by our daughter

A couple of days ago, I and my wife have been invited to dinner by our daughter. She wanted to treat us with the first salary she had got for her job. She has started her career as a nurse this spring.
It was a nice Sushi reataurant in a countryside near to Mashiko, famous for the pottery. She booked a cosy room for us.

We were pleased to hear how she had started working at an ICU at a large hospital near to the university she graduated from. It seemed she had been worn out every evening when she got to the apartment. The staff and the system seemed to be pretty democratic even thouth the senior nurses have not been just tender to the new comer but pretty strict in instructing them.  I and my wife have known that, being established in the war, the rank of nurses was pretty rigid and severe. Wheter this democratic and flexible system is unique to this hospital or not, she is quite lucky to be trainted at such a hospital. WE were grateful to them.
Having started studying law in another university, our daughter has experienced a big disappointment and has spent some time for moratorium. But, after her grand mother or aunt, she has decided to study nursing. Since then, she has changed herself. She has become a real lady with her own end for life. She could sympathize the other epople now.  We could not be more thankful for her efforts to her and for support and supervision to everyone who has taught and has lead her this way.


I have had a big glass of beer while my wife had a small bottle of non alcohol beer like beverage. Daughter had only tea. We have toasted her career. May she become a good nurse who "mitleiden" those suffering from illnesses.
The course dishes was good enough. Salad, Sashimi, Cooked fish, Tenpura and this plate of Sushi. Desert and tea were also served. 
We kidded her to come back to this restaurant every spring. A satisfying evening.


  1. Wendy had looked at the photographs and believes your daughter to be excellent judge of restaurants for celebrations. It is a funny thing how one moves from childhood to adult, contemplating a choice for life's career, only to find that circumstance or change of heart takes one somewhere else. You, from engineer to physician. Your daughter, from attorney to nurse. There is a place for each of us and we know when we are there. Your daughter looks proud to be with her parents celebrating her new position in life. Congratulations to her and to you.

    1. Thanks for congratulations to our daughter. Still a long way to go for her. Yes, there are unexpected changes in our lives. I am sure nursing is her calling, though. She is so confident and positive for her career.