Garden growing

This unusually warm weather seems to help plants and vegetables to bud faster in our garden. This is Mary Gold germinated from the seeds harvested last fall. I love this flower, so that I would have many of them bloom in the garden. They will last from later spring until fall. 
These are baby plants of the cosmos which I also taken from them last fall. I like this kind as well. When they are swung by breeze in early fall, I feel relly soothed by the scene. I would proliferate them more year by year.

We have decided to remove the Ginko trees as wrote elsewhere. The entrance looks simple now. The lawn might get healthier having much more sunray. It means I should hustle cuttinng it there. Unfortunately, the plum along the street has suffered from some kind mold, which has disturbed the fruits growing this year. Maybe, with more sunray and ventilation at the tree, next year, it will bear as many fruits as a few years ago. 

Some flowers in the garden. I would modify the layout and the kinds of flowers from now. I have kept it as my father used to care for years ago. It is my turn now. I would plant more German Iris there. On the back, I would make more small farms.
It is a kind of relief for me having breeze touching me gently when I care for the plants and flowers in the garden. I sure feel I am connected with the flow of lives at such a moment. The eternity at a moment, I should say.

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