Monologous QSOs

I have often called CQ looking for any conversational QSOs. Only 10 or 20%  chance of call to me. Most of callers are just wanting QSL. There must be only another 10 or 20% who would or could make conversation on CW.

I feel as if I have found gold in the sand beach. Unfortunately, the problem goes on. About half of these conversational QSOs are that of monologue. The person would go on talking about himself for several minutes. Often longer than 5 minutes. What a torture to listen to his monologue for that long time on noisy and messed band! If he/she was well known to me, that is another story. I am interested in what have happened to him/her and could concentrate on what he/she says however long it may go on. It is, however, a real torture for me to be forced to listen to what he/she says.

It often makes me fall asleep. Actually, I have ever experienced such a QSO as there was only noise when I woke up. Who could blame me? I am sorry I could not go on listening to him/her until the end of his/her story. But I could never do that.

No, I won't criticize anyone. At certain age, we could never get off such a situation making monologue to the others. It is my own problem if I could be conscious of making monologue. It is a serious problem for me if I could be conscious of own intellectual deterioration. Maybe, I should ask some good friend of mine to let me know of tendency to monologue by myself. It will be the time for me to quit this hobby.

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