The garden in early summer.

It has been dry and warm, that is unusual for this season in a year. It seems beneficial to the plants and trees in the garden. It may last for a week or two until we get into the rainy season.
Radish has been germinated. It is good for salad as well as cooked dishes.
Cucumber is already ripe. It has been a material for morning salad. Fresh and kind of sweet. It is fun to see it growing its vine and attaching to the net with the tendril. It may be harvested everyday for sometime.

Lettuce and sunny lettuce have been growing rich. Since it is not cool, lettuce won't become spherical. It still tastes fresh and good. Regular material for salad as well.

Tomato. It is the kind I have been struggling with for years. They are vulnerable to various illnesses especially when it is wet. In the wetter weather, we might need a green house to raise them. As told in the beginning, it has been so dry that tomatoes are growing uneventfully this year. About 20 plants of tomatoes are growing. We might have so many tomato fruits every day very soon. Ripe tomatoes are one of the best things we could get from garden farm.

I have seeded marygold, cosmos and okra in the garden. Marygold has been germinated. The other two are also growing. I love these flowers much. They may please us from summer to fall.

Strawverry has been so ripe that we could harvest this bowlful strawberry once two days for the past few of weeks. They are rather small but still taste freshly sweet. I have planted this strawberry at a corner of the garden a few years ago. Without having had any care, they have grown to a few sq meters in size and have gone through the brutal winter. I am going to given them some fertilizer this year.  

I still have a bit of neck pain but am still on the steady recovery from that head injury. I am grateful to my life that keeps me busy and feel delighted.

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