The 1st practice of ensemble

On last Friday, I have been to the ensemble practise with my wife and daughter. It was the very 1st practice for the ensemble as well.

My wife has come back home around 5PM, that is, surprisingly early for her work. We drove up to the city where the practise hall was located. It was an hour drive. It was the road where I used to drive to the orchestra practise about 10 years ago. The person organizing this new ensemble was conducting that orchestra. Remembering of me, he has given me an invitation to the new ensemble.

My wife seemed to be excited anticipating joining such an ensemble fixed by the steady members for the 1st time in her life. She has been talkative on various topics all the way. I realized she had never been involved in such a social activity other than those related with her profession and with the local area. Several minutes before arriving at the place, our daughter has given us a phone call. She has already arrived there. We have brought her violin and a small gift, that is, some strawberries freshly harvested.

It was a room in a public hall there. Getting already dark outside, there were only us at that facility. Including ourselves, there were 11 people at the room. Most of them were known to me even if I have never talked to them in person. They were in the same orchestra 10 years ago. We were a bit late for the start. They bhave started practising the overture of Bach's 1st Orchestral Suite. Introducing ourselves, we have joined the ensemble.

This piece sounds more like those by Handel. No passionate tunes nor fugue which makes us feel something profound. It is contrastive to the Orchestral Suite Nr2, which sounds much more emotional and appealing to our mind. But still a grand music suitable for court. Anyway, I have enjoyed playing it with the company.

On the way back home, we have had sushi dinner at a restaurant. Another enjoyable time with family. Being content with the ensemble with wife and daughter, I drove back the straight road in darkness back home.

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