New drive way arrangement

I have had four of the gingko trees along the drive way removed. I have been thinking of this for some time. Those trees were good look and gave decent appearance to our home entrance. But they were getting very tall and hard to do with the fallen leaves. They have made too much shades for the lawn on the norhtern side as well.

The most important reason which had made me relucatant to do this was that I discussed to plant them there with my father about 20 years ago. They were only young plant about 2 meters high. Removing them meant losing some history we have made here.

But it won't be so many years left for me and my wife to do with the garden for now. It is the time, I believe, for us to modify it as we think best. I am actively remodelling the back yard as well. I would have more German Iris and Mary Gold for the basic plants there. And more vegetable farms, however small they might be. I have planted tomato, ginger, sweet potato, okra, cucumber, egg plant, sunny lettuce, lettuce and water melon. Melon is also planned. Hopefully, we might have rich harvest this summer through fall.

Half seriously, I am getting ready for the possible hyperinflation upcoming not too far from now, when we should pay so much money to get food for a few years. I hope it won't come true. But our government, and possibly the people, have lost the fiscal discipline here. The net debt is almost ten billion USD. I can't find any other way to get out of this astronomical amount of debt than hyperinflation state. I wish  this guess could be only a kidding.

Anyway, it is a fun for me to modify the garden for practical purposes. I might have lost good poles for antenna in the future.

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