Family ensemble

Last night, I have played Gavotte of the 1st orchestral suite by Bach with my wife. It is the only piece she could play at present. No wonder she could play only that because it is only a year and half since she started flute. We could go through the piece even if she has had breath problem or unstable tone etc. It was a fun. Only wish she could start flute 20 years, or at least 10 years earlier. But we could never go back to the past. Let's go on enjoying ensemble together even if she could play only a part of it.

The basssoonist seems to quit the ensemble due to his work schedule. Unless they change the practise day from Friday to the other week end day, it seems I would be asked to play the bassoon part. I should hustle a bit more for the bassoon solo part.

Our daughter may join it as well. They have asked her to play the 1st violin part. I am wondering if she could get out of the work soon enough to be in time for the practice. If she could join it, it would be a dream coming true for me. How has it taken me to make it come true? I would treasure this opportunity of family ensemble however short it might be.

During dinner last night, the 1st orchestral suite performed by Stuttgart Bach Orchestra conducted by Karl Muenhinger have been on in the livingdining room.

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