How I am getting along.

It has been a couple of weeks since I made the last post. I have been recovering from the injury on head. It is amazing that it has taken me so long. It may be due to the seriousness of neck injury while it is partly due to my age. Anyway, I am still enjoying gardening/farming everyday.

Unfortunately, I noticed how dangerous it was for me to drive on the way back home from the ensemble practice. It was an entirely pretty dark road where the traffic ran faster than the legal limit. I have had a few occasions when I was near to an accident. i could not help but giving up attending that ensemble. I only wished it had been nearer to us. My wife was a bit sad to lose the chance to be in the harmony of the ensemble. I should look for another  ensemble where we both could enjoy ensemble together.

I am coming back to the unaccompanied suite by Bach again. Brahms 1st sonata is another tune I am regularly practising. It is fun for me to think out how to improve my performance. Without thinking of performance in the public, concentrating on the instrument and the musics is really good.

Tomatoes are getting ripened in the garden farm. Cucumbers have been regularly cropped. I have harvested the very 1st radish today. Egg plants have also been taken. A few Pumpkin, Watermelon and potato are getting grown as well. Fresh lettuce has been served for salad everyday. We have been blessed with all these crops.

I would post new articles when I could do that. Thanks for visiting here with patience.


  1. Hi, Shin - glad to hear you are recovering and back in the garden and in the blog!

    I have removed my K3 from the remote operation in order to use it in US Field Day this weekend. After that I will put it back at W0YR (the K4VV station unfortunately shut down as Jack's health has declined rapidly) and perhaps next week will be able to look for you on 40 CW.

    The bands here have been very bad, as the solar storm has made 6m conditions very interesting and HF very boring.

    Carole's garden is also fairly boring - we were late to plant, and only some small green cherry tomatoes at this point but many cucumber flowers and basil leaves.

    73 John K3TN

    1. John,

      I am sorry Jack is getting more ill now and you could not operate his station by remote control. Do you mean W0YR is another remotely controllable one? I sure would like to hear you on the air whatever the band may be. Recent series of solar flares have ruined the high bands. It may get better soon. I hope your garden will flourish soon. Here the garden sure has kept me busy. A lot of crops. Say hi to Carole.