A beautiful season

Dogwood trees along the street are in full bloom. Flowers are coming out one after another. A beautiful season.

I won't feel bored with gardening at all. Under bright sun, I have spent almost all day pulling the weeds in the garden.

It is the season which reminds me of my parents. Sometimes, when something falls or moves with wind, I look at the house where my parents used to live. I still feel as if they were still living there. In a second, I realize it is the past.

Azalea along the entrance is also starting to bloom. Caring for this tree and others, I still recall having worked together in the garden with my father. It was not until age of forties that I got interested in gardening. It was not too long that I had worked with him in the garden.
Some friends of mine tell me I am too pessimistic for life. But I still feel a life is only a blow of wind. Only for a moment. Working in the garden, I always feel that. Strangely enough, it is a moment when I feel most peaceful at the same time.
In 6 days, the 4th anniversary of my mother will come.


  1. Nice thoughts. Be sure to publish all your blogs in one book at some time. Now, to see if this little comment will survive the dreaded Google Blog process. I've been unable to get it to work the last several times.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Jim. I appreciate your recommendation to leave the content of the blog as a book. I am afraid I am repeating the same ideas here, though. But it is still a good idea to leave it for my family. Sorry for the trouble making the comments here. I would try to comment to some post by myself later. See you soon. All the best to Diana.


  2. Hi SHin San,

    These pictures of the flowing plants are truly great to look at. Keep at the gardening as it obviously agree's with you if you become at peace with everything.

    Bob Gates

  3. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the comment. I have been working hard at the garden. It is ready to be planted with more vegetables here now. Yes, I feel most relieved and peaceful when working there. I hope your move will go on uneventfully .Say HBDay to Lolita.