A Tragedy at Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Syria

EighteenThirty thousand refugees with 3500 children in it are reported to be involved in the battle at Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Syria. The antigovernmental factions make conflicts there while the regime side is attacking there from outside. The refugees lack food and water. Some news source says there are victims not only due to the conflicts but also to starvation. A news source


UNRWA has been supporting them with food/water. But it is not enough. UNRWA requests us to donate for them at the web site.

The western countries should do with the flow of fund to both the rebel and the regime. Most of the fund go through the religious schools in Pakistan to terrorists, as reported. There should be the merchants of death, who sell armaments to both sides, in the developed countries as well. I wonder why they won't do against such things which cause and aggravate the crisis. Such acts should be the real war against the terrorism.

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