Tomato plants getting through cold front

After warm daytime, we have got hail with wind bringing cold atmosphere here now The forecast said we would have cold front passing by this area this evening. I have slighted it. It also says it will get cold down to 2 deg C tomorrow morning.

I have planted 5 new young plants of tomato in the garden farm today in spite of those forecast informations. I hope they will survivie this weather. I went out and looked the plants which were alive so far. These plants are like family members.

 Farming is really similar to medicine in respect of dealing with lives. In medicine, we could never correct any failure. Failure leads to death of patients in the worst case. Even infrequently, we still face to such critical situation. In this respect, farmers should be respected as much as medical doctors should be.

This reminded me of my daughter who had started career at an ICU as a nurse. When I called her on the phone a few days ago, she told me she got worn out after work in the evening but was still vivid. The critical situations which she might face to at ICU would give her good lessons, so that she could work at any ward in her life. She did not seem to thank my words at all. In the future, she might know what I meant.

May my lovely tomato plants stay alive tomorrow. Of course, I won't mean to compare them to the patients at all.


  1. Good observations and comments as usual. On a different subject, here's a little local post that Jim, W5JAW, sent to several of us who know you, Shin. Interesting.

    Jim Parnell wrote:

    I heard Shin on 40 m this morning in QSO with another JA. he was sending about 15 wpm on his bug, using Japanese Morse, or Wabun code. I have heard others sending this before, but never listened very long, or thought much about its structure. Finally took the time to look it up on
    Wikipedia. Interesting:


    1. Jim,

      I seldom use Japanese Morse code any longer. But it was an old friend of mine in QSO, whom I have met after almost 30 year long interval. I have met her in person in a trip to Hokkaido then. She has just started that morse code recently and could recognize me. That was the story. I wish Jim could read me in that code hi. Give my best regards to him. I haven't seen him for some time.


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