Spring is full blown here

As a usual week end, my wife has come home early in the afternoon. We have worked together in the garden. The weeds are growing fast now. Before they get ripe enough to seed, we should pull them. Time is passing gently as well as peacefully.
My wife asked me to take supper enjoying cherry blossoms under cherry trees somewhere as ordinary Japanese usualy do. Taking a camera, I went to the junior high school next to our property on the west side. The cherry trees are fully blooming now. Noone in the campus. Quiet and calm.
The plum tree in our garden at the exit with the cherry trees in the school next to our home. The fullblown flowers are getting replaced to fresh leaves. A partner tree was dead due to a kind of mold a few years ago. I just woder if this tree could be fertile without it. Looking forward that it will prolifically bear many fruits in the summer, I would go on caring for it.

The flower bed in our garden.

I have wondered if it was worth or meaningful to keep this blog or not for the past weeks. Without confidence in myself and in my life, I could scarcely have anything to be published in such a small media as this blog. I am still thinking of blogging in that way.

With force of habit, however, I would go on for a while writing what is happening here and what I am thinking of. Hopefully, no strain on myself.


  1. Shin-sama.,

    Your photos of Springtime in your garden are beautiful. The cherry trees remind me of my childhood and sitting in my parent's garden.
    I was wondering why you had not posted for over a week and was hoping you are well.
    I always enjoy reading your blog and thank you for making the effort to write it. I hope you will feel able to continue and I am sure many of the 99 000 other people who have looked at your pages agree!
    I hope and pray that you and your wife are able to enjoy the warmer weather that Spring brings.

    Thank you
    Tony GW8PBM

    1. Tony,

      Thanks for the warm and considerate words to me. It encourages me a lot. Honestly, I always wonder if it is meaningful to keep this blog as i told in the post. No clear answer to that question yet. Such as your comment surely makes me positive at this small record of life. Not getting too serious about it, I would go it on. Thanks for your visit.