Boredome with radio or pursuit of real communication

I have recently expressed something negative or pessimistic for radio communication in this blog or elsewhere. A good friend of mine has written to me that i might had been so active with radio that I became bored with it. he gently advised me to slow down with radio.

He has a point in my case. I have operated radio 3 or 4 times a day, even if not continuously for long hours. Maybe, I should spend time for the other things than radio as he suggested. But it is still true that I could happily switch off the radio when I could have a meaningful contact with someone through radio.

Today, I have had such a conversation with an old friend of mine, Jim K6AR. He told me he would start attending another class at a university like that last year. The class has a theme of comparing a company with the others regarding the cash flow. I know he is concerned about such a thing for his investment activities. He also honestly told me he had been going on learning something like this due to an anxiety for the future. The anxiety concerns with aging. If not quite the same as he has, I could share the same kind of anxiety as his. It urges me some intellectual acitivity believing such a thing would help me to avoid or slow down aging process in intellectual ability.

I know there are the other factors responsible for the aging process such as exercise or eating habit. These factors might work in certain epigenetic mechanism. I should admit, however, some genetic factor may ultimately determine our aging. We have been destined as for aging in a sense.

After we make best effort to prevent intellectual deterioration, we must live as the New Testament says; Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. (Matthew 6:34). I am not a religious person but believe in this words. Jim has agreed with me. I was pleased to find a person who lives with the same worry and anxiety there.

After such a QSO with Jim, I feel satisfied and won't seek any more QSOs.

It won't be necessarily regarding with such a serious matter. But I appreciate something related with our lives in our conversation of QSOs. It is still quite difficult for me to find such a QSO. However, I still pound the key looking for such a QSO.

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