A miraculous path over the north pole

The bands have been messed with a few contests at the same time this morning. I still enjoyed several good contacts mainly with NA. Tom K5RC came through with S9plus signal thanks to his 24el in stack. But I felt it was the time to close the shop here.

For my last CQ, Villi TF3DX/M has called me. Crisp and skillful fist. A pretty big signal for mobile as well. S7 when beamed toward him. It was 01AM in TF land. He said the band could black out due to aurora from time to time but rarely opened this way. He has sneaked, as he said, to the beach for radio while his wife enjoyed TV at home.

A miraculous path over the north pole. Surprising work of ionosphere! Such an experience keeps me staying on the radio even if I am often depressed or disappointed much there. He has made my day!

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