Manuel LU5OM

A friend of mine, Manuel, LU5OM. I began talking to him often since he had entered FOC a few years ago. A superb CW operator. It turned out that he used to be CR6IK in '60s and I had worked him on 15 meters those days. The world is small. He is 67 years old and has a command of 3 languages.

I often read about him in the posts Mukai JF1TTN had made. But he hasn't been on his topics for some time. He told me he had been to his homeland Portugual in September. On the way back home, he got an gastroenteritis, that kept him inactive for a while.

Manuel and his wife Mariana

His neat shack. The antenna is HEX at "3" meters of height. He has sent me the photo of the antenna, which I have lost in the file box, sorry. He might put it up higher soon.


  1. Hi Shin,

    I have worked him early mornings a couple of times on 40 and 30m. He comes booming in like he was a local. It is always a pleasure to chat with Manuel. I wish there were more ragchewers active in South America.

    1. Hi John,

      I was surprised to know his HEX was only 3m high. He might be using a higher antenna for the lower bands. A really sociable guy. It is difficult for us to find such a good ragchewer in South America as Manuel. The exceptions are LU6EF, ZP6CW and PY5RO etc. Hopefully, there will be more good CW operators there. It might be challenging to you to work with S.A. from 9V land.


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