Lee HL2DC is a good old friend of mine. I have met him on 40m CW back in mid '60s. It will have been half a century very soon. He was HM9DC in Pusan at that time. He was a university student studying electrical engineering. I can't remember what we have talked about those days. I still have his portrait at that time.

During '70s, my inactivity on the radio kept us away each other. In '81, soon after my coming back on the air, I have met him again. I was serving residency at a med school hospital. In '80s, he was working as an engineer at a major Korean electrical company in Tokyo. In this period, I have had a couple of eye balls with him and his family. Once at our home, the other time in Tokyo. He took his two children to our home. Both children were around 10 years old or so. This photo should be a bit later than those days. I know he has served in the army as compulsory duty before or after this time.

We have met on the radio in some intervals. He has regularly given us greeting cards. It was a few years ago when he had retired and was settled down at a suburb of Seoul city. His children have grown up and quit home to have their own family. Since I have gradually transfered myself to full retirement, we both have had much free time and have talked much oftener than ever. He loves CW and is often heard on 15m in our morning hours.

A few days ago, he has given me a call on 15m. He told me that he and his wife would visit Japan in the end of next month. It won't take me so long to decide seeing them at this time. My wife would see them as well. Since we have talked on Skype 2 or 3 times recently, we might be able to recognize each other despite of our aged outlooks. It still has passed a long time since we met in person last time. I am thankful to him for his faithful friendship for such a long time. CW might make it possible for us to stay being friends for this long time.


  1. Hi Shin,

    It's nice to read about Lee, and to see the old pictures. He is a real gentleman. I haven't heard him for many months and was a little worried, just band conditions and poor timing I think, so it is nice to know all is well with him.

    We are hoping to visit JA next year, around August for the ham fair, if we are able to make the trip we will also go to S. Korea for a couple of days.

    If you see Lee next month would you please tell him hi from me? I'm hoping that he, his XYL, dogs, cat and goldfish are all o.k.!! The last time I QSO'ed with him he was telling me about kimchi, I finally tried some, though I'm sure it wasn't like S. Korean kimchi!

    I just returned from the museum station (Eureka), spent 10 days there, it is rewarding to work DX with the old equipment. I'm back at Benbow now and will be listening around for all the guys on your side.

    Hope to see you soon, 73 to you and yours!

    Steve - KB6VSE

  2. Steve,

    I am glad you are doing OK there. Still going around Eureka, Benbow and Palo Alto? I hope Barb is still doing fine.

    I will sure tell Lee what you told here. He is sometimes heard on 15m in our morning. The path won't last as long as in early fall. Look for him at the plateau.

    You will be welcomed here as a bug master almost reaching 50WPM. You might be a guest for CW gang in Ham Fair. You should be ready for deadly burning terrible crazy hot weather then, though.

    See you on the air.