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Today, I could not access to "any" blogspot blogs all of sudden. It is possible for me to access to the other providers' blogs. I could post through the dash board of blogspot to this blog like this. The display says the present page can't be shown. I am trying to shoot the trouble. If you should have any suggestion, would you give me an e mail to nuttycellist2006 at yahoo.co.jp? It would be much appreciated. I could not reply to any comment here. Just a moment, please.



  1. Since the access problem is now "solved", I will comment here.
    This was a very very interesting phenomenon in the Internet, and the story has two parts.
    The first part is Google's policy concerning the blogspot.

    (The website address of a blog you're reading may redirect to a country-specific domain.)

    Actually, my humble website has referrers like:
    reflecting the geographical diversity of the visitors to your blog.

    The second part relate to the Domain Name System (DNS) and highly technical.
    This article may help you understand what was the problem, but it is in Japanese.

    One quick solution if something alike occurs in the future, is to type:

    Here, ncr stands for "no country redirect".


  2. It has been solved. It seemed Google had taken me as a spam!!

  3. Shin can you please remove the link to 9V1VV blog - it has been taken over by an Indonesian blogger !

    1. John,

      Okay. Give me sometime. I have just received a mail from Glen telling me that our mutual friend's wife is suffering from cancer. I am a bit upset.

      I will reply to your thoughtful comment to the other post later as well.

      You look great with your beard!

      Thanks, John.