A limit of the internet media.

A friend of mine in the US has told in the facebook as follows; he was told by one of his friend his saying was too much and would be censored out by him. This friend of mine is always sarcastically cartooning the president Obama and the government in the facebook. It makes me chuckling sometimes. But, basically, I won't agree with him in most cases.

Not only the content of his political opinion but also the use of internet media like the facebook for insisting it won't work out, I am afraid. Political opinions are always based on the sense of values a person has got through his life. It is not easy to persuade someone with a political opinion different from yours into your own. There should be an open mindedness to seek truth or, at least, to look for something better in the world. It is a very tough process like mining a small hole through a rock.

This attitude of open mindedness, which Karl Jaspers used to express a sense of Kommunion, is very scarse in the world of the internet. There is only a raw battle of debate or enforcement of someone's opinion to the others. It is always impossible to compress a problem in the politics into a phrase or a few lines of sentences. Such simplification of problems in the politics and/or economy is that one has given up hthinking of his own opinion by himself.

Owing to this trend for simplification of the point of contention is especially evident in such as the facebook. It doesn't look like a media appropriate for discussing such subjects. Cartooning politicians would necessarilly help others to understand what you would say. Now such internet media is so popular that, I am afraid, there could be no real public opinion but only mobocratic opinion as the summation of such limited views.

It is not the others' problem but surely inine itself. I should go on asking myself if my saying would be based on an open minded attitude towards others. Thnking of these issues, I quit his post in the facebook without leaving any comment. 

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