Cold snap

Kept turning on a tap in the garden in order to avoid water pipe from freezing. There was an ice column formed there this morning. The tap water flow was frozen. It has been around minus 8 degrees C in mornings here. The cold snap has been rather hard here even though we are still lucky without any snow fall. The veggies are not growing at all. Such as spinach are rather shrunken. I put them in soy sauce soup every day.

The magnolia and ume have put forth tiny buds. But it may take them a few weeks or even months to come out here. So far, an amateur gardener could go on taking off for a while.
Forty meters is now closed for North America by 15Z while it was open there until 16 or 17Z a few weeks ago. It might skip less for the West Coast soon. Twenty meters may explode for Eu or NA at night in our time not too long from now.
I am looking forward the arrival of spring in dual senses.

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